Tripchamp Team

Alex Greystoke
Alex Greystoke LinkedIn
Accomplished global businessman, financier, and serial entrepreneur whose most recent startup, Abercorn International School, broke the education mold. Before that, Greystoke spent nine years working with emerging technologies on financing and commercialization at HSC. Greystoke leads tripchamp with his accomplished startup background, groundbreaking vision, and global network.
Shy Blick
Shy Blick LinkedIn
26 years as a business-minded, serial technology entrepreneur, and pioneer. Blick has led technology research & development of innovative enterprise software solutions including the first AT&T self service system, first E*Trade online system, the world’s first Algo -trading system, and the Swiss Army Homeland Security System. Blick's prestigious career in industry-leading tech ensures that tripchamp's peerless technology is years ahead of futurists' predictions.
Michael Culhane
Michael Culhane LinkedIn
30-year travel industry expert with experience innovating distribution and aggregation systems. Culhane was an early investor in the business and led the development of the company’s unique marketplace business model. Culhane brings supplier, re-seller, and customer relationships to make the tripchamp marketplace the provider of innovative products and services not offered on other platforms.
Daniel Senyard
Daniel Senyard LinkedIn
12-year digital media professional and product manager with experience in creating engaging and unique content, products, and digital experiences in industries as diverse as music, real estate, and technology. Senyard drives the product strategy and creative direction of tripchamp's products across all platforms.
Daniel Karayan
Daniel Karayan LinkedIn
35-year start-up and turnaround veteran. Having brought more than 400 consumer products to market, Karayan's expertise spans across finance, operations, legal and strategic negotiations. Karayan's ability to monetize operations, maximize extraction of profits and leverage economies of scale with both supply chains as well as human resources, provides tripchamp with the ideal management of financial operations, smooth scalability and long term sustainability.